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Table 2 Data of cases

From: FNH-like nodules: Possible precursor lesions in patients with focal nodular hyperplasia (FNH)

Cases Age Discovery Other findings Surgery Pathological findings of non nodular liver
1 37 Abdominal pain Type 1 diabetes, Hashimoto thyroiditis LH Some foci of steatotic and clear hepatocytes. Mildly enlarged portal tracts with thickened arteries.
2 49 Abdominal pain Gallbladder lithiasis LH Micro and macro steatosis (30 %). Few foci of steatotic hepatocytes, some portal tracts with enlarged arteries.
3 35 Incidental (episode of fever and rise in transaminases) Persistant rise in GGT RH Macrovesicular steatosis (15 %). Small and rare peliotic areas. Accentuation of the lobular septation.
4 39 Incidental   LH Macrovesicular steatosis (10 %). Small and rare peliotic areas. Some portal tracts with enlarged arteries.
5 49 Follow up for chronic alcoholism   LH + IV Severe steatosis (60 %). Few limited areas with dilated sinusoids and peliosis. Often enlarged arteries.
6 29 Incidental   VII  
7 32 Abdominal pain Hemangioma V, VI Around nodule b, approximation of portal tracts, absence of portal veins, thickened wall of hepatic veins, one steatotic focus.
8 47 Abdominal pain   V, VI Macrovesicular steatosis (50 %) medio/centro lobular.
  1. Cases 1 to 7 are women. Roman numbers indicate the segments of the liver. GGT: gammaglutamyl transpeptidase; HCC: hepatocellular carcinoma: LH: left hepatectomy; LL: left lobe; RL: right lobe.