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Table 1 Antibodies.

From: Response of sinusoidal mouse liver cells to choline-deficient ethionine-supplemented diet

Antibody Supplier/source Dilution
Rat-anti-mouse CD31(PECAM-1) BD Pharmingen 1:100
Rat-anti-mouse F4/80 (Clone A3-1) Serotech 1:50
Rabbit-anti-cow-cytokeratin DAKO 1:500
Rabbit-anti-cow-GFAP DAKO 1:500
Goat-anti-rabbit-pyruvate kinase Rockland incorporation 1:500-1:1,000
Mouse-anti-human pyruvate kinase (Clone DF 4) Schebo Biotech AG 1:50
Rabbit-anti-human-M2-Pk Cell Signaling 1:100
Chicken-anti-vimentin Chemicon 1:5,000
Mouse-anti-vimentin S82   1:100
Rat-anti-BrdU Serotech 1:50
Mouse-anti-human-E-cadherin BD Transduction laboratories 1:100
Mouse-anti-rat-Nestin (Clone Rat-401) Chemicon 1:100
Anti-alpha-smooth muscle actin (Clone 1A4) SIGMA 1:100
Mouse-anti-human-N-cadherin BD Transduction laboratories 1:100
Rabbit-anti-mouse-LI-cadherin Gift from Dr. R. Geßner 1:1,000