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Table 3 Used antibodies with manufacturer and methods

From: Keratin 19 marks poor differentiation and a more aggressive behaviour in canine and human hepatocellular tumours

Antibody Manufacturer Type Clone Antigen Retrieval Dilution Wash Buffer Incubation
Keratin 19 Novocastra Laboratories Ltd. mouse monoclonal B170 Prot K 1:100 TBS 1 hr RT
Keratin 7 Dakocytomation mouse monoclonal OV-TL 12/30 Prot K 1:25 TBS O/N 4°C
HepPar-1 Dakocytomation mouse monoclonal OCH 1E5 Tris-EDTA 1:50 PBS O/N 4°C
Glypican-3 BioMosaics mouse monoclonal 1G12 Citrate 1:100 PBS O/N 4°C
  1. Prot K = Proteinase K. RT = Room Temperature. O/N = Over Night.