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Table 1 Folds and mRNA changes in HepG2 cells infected with C. trachomatis at different infectivity rates.

From: Chlamydia trachomatisgrowth inhibition and restoration of LDL-receptor level in HepG2 cells treated with mevastatin

Parameter Non-infected cells Infected cells
   MOI 1 MOI2
36B4ct 18.37 18.26 18.01
HMG-CoA Red 1 1.31 0.98
HMG-CoA Synth 1 1.06 0.87
SS 1 1.21 0.89
LDL-R 1 0.76 0.56
LRP 1 0.87 0.99
FAS 1 0.88 0.89
  1. HepG2 cells were set up, grown and infected with C. trachomatis in presence or absence of mevastatin as described in Methods. RNA was extracted in 48 hours after inoculation of the bacteria. RNA levels for the genes of interest were normalized to 36B4 expression level, whose CT values are represented in the upper row of the Table. All RNA values in the infected cells are referenced to non-infected control