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Figure 5 | Comparative Hepatology

Figure 5

From: Establishment of an early liver fibrosis model by the hydrodynamics-based transfer of TGF-β1 gene

Figure 5

Enhancement of Sp1 binding activity by gene transfer accompanying with ZnSO 4 treatment. (A) Measurement of Sp1 binding activity performed by EMSA. Nuclear proteins were extracted from the livers of pPK9a-transferred mice administrating ZnSO4-contained water for 1–5 days. Two μg of nuclear extract was subjected to 32P-labelled probe and the Sp1-DNA complex was analyzed on a 4% native polyacrylamide gel. (B) Confirmation of Sp1 and Sp3 binding by supershift assay. Sp1 and Sp3 antibodies were added to the reaction mixtures for supershift assays. The shifted and supershifted bands were indicated by arrows.

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