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Table 1 Effect of diet reversal on weight, insulin and glucose levels of type 2 diabetic mice.

From: CIDE-A is expressed in liver of old mice and in type 2 diabetic mouse liver exhibiting steatosis

Diet Weight (g) Plasma Insulin (ng/ml) Fasting Glucose (mg/dl)
SC-SC 35.1 (3.5) a 326 (190) a 150 (13.8) a
HF-HF 56.5 (5.3) b 1981 (1170) b 153 (17.9) a
HF-SC 37.1 (1.9) a 247 (104) a 114 (11.4) b
  1. Values are: mean (SD). N = 4 (for each group). Means in a column without a common letter differ significantly, P < 0.05. SC denotes mice fed standard chow; HF denotes mice fed the high fat diet; HF-SC denotes diet-reversed mice that were first fed the high fat diet and switched to standard chow.