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Figure 1 | Comparative Hepatology

Figure 1

From: Sodium nitroprusside and peroxynitrite effect on hepatic DNases: an in vitro and in vivostudy

Figure 1

The peak appearance of isolated liver DNA. The extraction oftissue DNA was performed according to the method of Wannemacher et al. [50], modified by Setaro & Morley [51], with the protein and nucleic acid precipitation by using ice-cold trichloroacetic acid after lipid extraction. DNA was separated from proteins by hydrolisis of resulting pellet at 96 ± 1°C for 45 min. Samples were analyzed for DNA concentration by ultraviolet absorption difference at 260 and 290 nm. Purified DNA was employed for spectral changes, monitored by using Beckman spectrophotometer. On the basis of the data obtained by Yermilov et al. [13], the appearance of a peak between 375 and 405 nm (depending on pH) corresponds to 8-nitroguanine. The peak appearance was between 390 and 410 nm with the maximum absorbance at 405 nm, obtained in alkaline conditions (DNA extract was adjusted to pH 10).

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